Custom Projects: Silver Sage Leaves and Peridot Ring

DaVine Jewelry, Silver Sage Leaves and Peridot Ring

Creating a custom piece for someone almost always pushes me to learn something new or think outside of the lines I usually do. While this can be a little intimidating, it’s usually very rewarding once the piece is done. One of my favorite custom pieces that I’ve made to date is a sterling silver ring with small sage leaves and a sparkly rose cut peridot stone set in the center. The client that requested this had seen my ring with tiny silver sage leaves wrapping around, and asked if I could add a stone to it.

Sage Leaves Wrapping Ring DaVine JewelryThe original ring was inspired by my fascination with spoon rings when I was younger, I loved the open silhouette and the way they wrapped around the finger. That silhouette creates a statement without being bulky or sticking out from the hand, and is very comfortable to wear. I am thrilled with the result of adding a stone to the center, it takes this more casual ring to a new level, keeping the comfort of the original style while adding some color and sparkle.

Peridot Silver Sage Leaf Ring DaVine JewelryI really loved how this ring came out, and I kind of wanted to keep it, but it made me feel really happy to hear how pleased my client was with her new ring and to know that it was treasured by its new owner. This piece was so enjoyable to make that it could show up in my shop as a made-to-order item, customizing it to fit the purchaser’s ring size and stone choice. Maybe I’ll even make one for myself…

Peridot and Silver Sage Leaf Ring DaVine Jewelry

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