Custom Projects: Silver Sage Leaves Birthstone Pendant

Sterling Silver Sage Leaves Pendant with Garnet and Topaz

Working on a surprise gift that’s going to be given to someone I know is always fun, so when an acquaintance I met at Mind Body Barre approached me to make a necklace for her nanny (who happens to be a friend of mine I also met at MBB!) I jumped at the opportunity.  This project turned out to be another great example of how my existing designs can be customized to create a meaningful and sentimental gift.

Silver Sage Leaves Necklace with Topaz and Garnet

The original design was based off of a necklace I made for myself to wear for my wedding, a cluster of layered sage leaves with freshwater pearls and a beautiful faceted seafoam green chalcedony teardrop. I loved the silhouette so much I decided to add it to my sage leaf line using other stone combinations, and I pretty quickly sold the first few of those necklaces I created.

Silver Sage Leaves Cluster Necklace with Howlite and Coral

This client had seen the Silver Sage Leaf Cluster Necklace in my shop, pictured above with howlite, coral, and freshwater pearls. She thought it could be perfectly adapted to become a birthday present for her nanny to thank her for the amazing care and love her nanny gives to her son. It incorporates garnet for the son’s birthday in January along with a sparkling and vibrant blue topaz briolette for the nanny’s birthday in December. One of my favorite things about this necklace is that it is a unique and subtle piece of birthstone jewelry, not immediately obvious to anyone else who sees it what it is meant to be. The pendant serves as a gentle and personal reminder to my friend the nanny that she is loved and appreciated, and hopefully brings a smile to her face when she wears it.

Sterling Silver Sage Leaves Necklace with Garnet and Topaz

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