What’s in a Name? “DaVine Jewelry” Explained

From time to time, I get questions about the name “DaVine Jewelry”.  Some assume “DaVine” is my last name.  Others assume I don’t know how to spell “divine”.  Obviously, neither of those are true.

When I first started selling my work, I usually went by my own name or “DV Jewelry”.  But “Danielle Vaillancourt Jewelry” can be a mouthful, and as it turns out there is already an artist out there doing business as “DV Jewelry” and I wanted to avoid any confusion.  And so the search for a name began.

It was actually my husband Rob that came up with the name “DaVine”, and he had this to say about it.

There are actually four components to “DaVine” that represent Danielle and her jewelry.  First, it’s a play on her name.  DaV – Danielle Vaillancourt.  We could have omitted the ‘a’ and gone with D-Vine, but that has been done to death (think A-Rod, J-Lo, K-Fed).

Second, you have the word “vine”, like the type of plant.  Nature has always been at the forefront of Danielle’s work.  Her logo, which predates the name DaVine by several years, has a leaf embedded in the V.  “Vine” is another symbol of that.

One aspect of the name that most people don’t realize is that the first five letters, “Davin”, also represents Danielle’s mother’s birth name.  Danielle has talked about rummaging through her mother’s and grandmothers’ jewelry collections as a child, and how that fueled her love of what ended up becoming her craft.  The name is, in part, an homage to the ladies in Danielle’s family that have helped her become who she is today.

And finally, of course, the name is a homophone for “divine”.  Danielle finds nature and spirituality to be very closely related. Many people who look at her work might say that, by virtue of its connection to nature, it is divinely inspired.  The name suggests delight and loveliness, and we hope the jewelry does as well.

I love that Rob was able to help me come up with something that fully encapsulated my work, philosophy, and so many things that I care about.  He found a way to explain it all and bring it together in a very meaningful name that I am proud to use.

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